2006 Solar Eclipse
These are images of the 2006 total solar eclipse in Turkey shot with a Sony DSC-H1 5.1 mega pixel digital camera. All shots were taken hand-held at 12x zoom with Steady Shot enabled. Exposures were manually set, with a fixed f stop of 3.2, and varying the shutter speed from 1/250 down to 1/4 second.

The individual files were combined in Fitsworks, per instructions here.

The composite was then opened in Photoshop where the brightness and contrast were adjusted, and cropped to the final size of 1024x768.

updated: The final image used Russel Browns Photoshop action to bring out finer detail in the brushes and to increase overall contrast.

solar eclipse image 1 solar eclipse image 2 solar eclipse image 3 solar eclipse image 4
1/250 1/125 1/80 1/40
solar eclipse image 5 total eclipse image 6 total solar eclipse total eclipse diamond ring
1/25 1/8 1/4 Diamond Ring
total solar eclipse composite 1 total solar eclipse 2006 total solar eclipse 2008 turkey total solar eclipse 2006
1st Composite 2nd try Getting better! Ohh, Even better!